10 Secrets to Help You Save Money Groceries Shopping

Are you looking for some not so obvious ways to save money? Have you already cut back on those trips to Starbucks and your cable bill but still need to save more? Great, how about groceries?

Yes, you can save money groceries shopping. It isn’t always easy or obvious… but it is possible. Here are 10 secrets to help you get started.

#1 – Get Organized

This sounds basic but the very first thing you should do to save money groceries shopping is get organized. Super organized. Like OCD.

Start by making a meal plan. Knowing what you’re going to eat each day will ensure you don’t buy extra, unnecessary ingredients. After you compile your meal plan, make your shopping list.

#2 – Know Your Sales

Check weekly circulars from stores to know which items are marked down. If you don’t get a local paper, most stores publish their sales ads online.

Use your list from secret #1 to hone in on just the items you need. You will not save money groceries shopping if you just buy stuff because it is on sale.

#3 – Price Match

It wouldn’t be good to save money groceries shopping just to blow all those savings on gas… which is exactly what will happen if you have to run all over town to take advantages of all the great sales you found.

Instead, choose to shop at a store that price matches (ex. Wal-Mart). That way you can take advantage of all those weekly sales without wasting all your gas. Simply bring the circulars from other stores with you and present the sale prices to the cashier at checkout.

#4 – Be Social

Sometimes, being a social butterfly pays off. Follow your favorite stores and brands on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They will often post special deals or coupons there.

#5 – Check Your Facts (Er, Receipt)

Look, we’re all humans and we all make mistakes… this goes for the person behind the cash register at your local grocery store as well. Once you leave the store, carefully review your receipt for accuracy. Did everything ring up at the right price? Did all your coupons get scanned in?

If you find a mistake, don’t hesitate to either call the store or go back and ask for an adjustment.

#6 – Bulk Buying BFFs

If you’re single or a small family but want to take advantage of the discounts bulk stores offer, then buddy up with a friend to share. Buy products together at big warehouse stores and split them. This will allow you to save money groceries shopping without wasting food.

#7 – Avoid Convenience

Convenience products, like pre-sliced fruit, are well, convenient but they also come with a hefty price tag. Skip these items; put in a little extra time and effort in order to save money groceries shopping.

#8 – Go Digital

Our high tech world offers you more opportunities than ever to save money groceries shopping. Take advantages of digital coupons from your local store (ex. Krogers) as well as money saving apps such as Checkout51 and Ibotta.

#9 – Get a Green Thumb

Produce can be one of the costliest items at the grocery store. Save money groceries shopping by growing your own produce if possible.

#10 – Get Creative

All you need to do to save money groceries shopping is think outside of the box. A little creativity will go a long way. For example, make every Monday “meatless Monday”. Doing so will allow you to save a bundle by buying less meat. Need a little inspiration? The Intranet is filled with recipes for fabulous meatless meals.

Kelli Bhattacharjee, the owner of http://www.FreebieFindingMom.com, is a former investment professional with nearly ten years of experience. After graduating the top of her class in finance she decided to pursue her passion of empowering others to better manage their money via her savvy financial blog.

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Three Cities Air Conditioning Systems Have Helped Grow

These days, many of us take for granted the fact that we have air conditioning readily available to us. Whether we’re in our homes, offices, or favorite hangout spots, we avoid the physical discomfort that accompanies rising temperatures. Like all inventions, there was a time when human beings lived without the technology. It wasn’t until the 1950s that air conditioning was invented. Before then, the Northeast housed America’s most economically powerful businesses. With the widespread implementation of this technology, the population of hot states grew rapidly. Today, Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Francisco all owe their successes to these cooling systems.


Orlando wasn’t always home to America’s favorite theme parks. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Walt Disney decided to build his fantasy park just outside the city’s borders. Friction heats up these facilities quickly because these attractions have many moving parts. Couple that with temperatures in the mid to high 90s, and the theme parks would have been unbearable to attend. But with cooling systems, the theme parks can keep the equipment running properly while making sure that their guests and staff members don’t pass out from heat exhaustion. The technology also helps create a workforce that would otherwise not be able to live in the harsh Florida weather.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to magical hotels and casinos that showcase some of the most talented performers in the world. Without the implementation of cooling systems, the infrastructure of the Las Vegas strip would have never gotten off the ground. In order to keep guests sat in the casinos playing their games, the casino staff has to make sure the temperature is properly regulated. Casino administrators also use the dry Nevada heat to their advantage. When tourists walk down the strip to get to their destinations, they must from time to time duck into one of the casinos to escape from the sweltering sun. Once the guest is inside the casino, they might as well play a game while they cool off.

San Francisco

San Francisco is mostly known for having excellent weather. So why would cooling systems be so important for this region? Without proper cooling, computers and other pieces of technology can overheat and stop working. When the technology industry first started, the programming mainframes were huge and emitted a lot of heat. In order to keep them working, tech companies had to house them in chilled environments to counteract the amount of energy they released. As technology has advanced, so has the cooling systems implemented in these machines.

As you can see, America would not be the country it is today without the advent of air conditioning systems.